It’s Almost time for the BBB!!

The Booze, Butts, and Boats event is just around the corner and it’s back at Hippie Hollow! Because of the draught we haven’t been able to have it in Austin for a while, so it’s great to have it back in it’s rightful place!  For those of you who like to be outside sans clothes, you’re in luck.  This is a great event that occurs once a year.  Lots of crazy people, great scenery, and tons of fun!

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Just a quick pic from past BBB!.


Mad Hatters Ball!

It’s time for a trip through Wonderland with the Mad Hatters Ball sponsored by The Church Dallas. It will be Sunday May 22 at The Church (2424 Swiss Ave. Dallas, TX 75024).  It’s $10 for 21 and over or $15 for under 21.  You get $5.00 off with dog tags or a really mad hat!  Doors at 9:00PM.  If you would like to get a jump on upcoming events with The Church go to Don’t be late!20151031_154926

Tips and Tricks

Holiday de-stressors:  Ladies, a great way for both of you to de-stress and unwind is to greet your guy at the door topless with cocktail in hand.  Lead him to your favorite TV viewing spot and ask him to sit on the floor in front of you facing the TV.  Hand him his favorite beverage.  Lean forward and let your “Girls” do the messaging.  Let him lean into your chest and let your breasts slide up and down the sides of his neck.  After on a short while it becomes a win-win for you both!

Now that’s a holiday de-stressor!

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